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Istan is a group of engineers who are passionate about creating great products. As avid technology users ourselves, we understand the power of having the right tool for the right job. We create products to enrich the lives of people, everywhere. Whether you just met that new potential partner, found a long-lost friend by chance, or are trying to strike the perfect business deal, Istan is here to make sure you stay connected! Istan understands that your Rolodex is the most important thing in your life. It is our job to keep it accessible and organized, so you can spend more time communicating and less time keeping track of business cards.

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  • One on One Sharing

    EverDex creates a unique and personal QR Code (a high-tech electronic identifier)! This is a private and secure way to share your business card. EverDex includes a custom QR Code reader to help you connect with other EverDex users.

  • Group Sharing

    Exchange business cards in seconds. Useful for group meetings and quick encounters. Whether it's with 1 person or 100 people, simply open EverDex and shake your devices together. Watch everyone receive everyone else's business cards.

  • Stay Fresh

    Update your business card in one place: job changes, e-mail changes, phone number changes, address changes. EverDex will make sure all your connections will be updated with your most recent information. EverDex also will allow you to keep private notes about your connections, viewable only by you.

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